About Products

Frontier programmatic platform from Google for purchase of media advertising with access to multiple channels and audience data

  • Theme-based targeting
  • Content targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Audience targeting (behavior and interests, look-alike)
  • Custom targeting
  • Environment: Desktop, Mobile
  • Apps & URLs targeting
  • Devices / Browsers
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Formats: banner, in-banner, in-stream, rich-media
  • Fraud protection
  • Visibility
  • Brand protection
  • Automatic optimization

Global Media Inventory

>450 billion
potential impressions per day
>1 trillion
potential impressions per month for Video
>8,5 trillion
potential impressions per month for Mobile

Advertising server for ad tagging, analysis of all advertising interactions, and management of creatives

Advertising Audit
  • Pixels for impression, click links
  • Placement by code
Management of Creatives
  • DoubleClick Studio creative designer
  • Multimedia creatives (rich media)
  • Dynamic creatives
  • Scenarios and rotation optimization
Full Advertising Accounting
  • Impressions, clicks, conversions, cost
  • Coverage
  • Visibility and verification
  • Attribution
  • Data Transfer log files
Materials Library

Hosting of all creative materials in one place

Dynamic Creative

Full control and flexible management of dynamic creatives

Quality Control

Quality Assurance — technical inspection and search for bugs in creatives

Single platform for search advertising management in different search systems. Add-in to search systems providing general statistics, search campaign management and optimization.

Single reporting and management
  • Consolidated reporting across search campaigns
  • Report constructor, user variables, dashboards
  • Single search campaign management in Google Ads + Bing Ads + Yahoo! Japan + Baidu Mass
  • Changes, changes by schedule or by rules, template and feed campaigns
  • Automatic optimization strategies
  • Optimization by clicks, conversion, positions, ROI, variable or weight
  • Optimization by account portfolio, campaigns, groups or key words
  • Improvement advice, cost and target forecast

Why Realweb

>4 years of expertise
in programmatic buying
№1 official reseller
of products in Russia
>8,2 billion
of viewed impressions via programmatic buying in Realweb
Teams in Moscow and St. Petersburg for programmatic buying, contextual advertising and analytics
Team for creation of advertising materials (banners, video, interactive) and landings
Deep expertise in use of products
Technical support by Russian-speaking specialists

Partnership Options


Access to comprehensive possibilities of the platform: a variety of targeting, formats and channels


  • Induction training
  • Advanced training
  • Certification advice
  • Video calls
  • Technical support

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